A podcast featuring deep conversations with everyday women* about their personal experience of sex and female sexuality.

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Good Girls Talk About Sex
Good Girls Talk About Sex
Never go to bed angry & other terrible advice

* Gender is complicated. Specifically, the show features people who were brought up as little girls plus trans women.

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Meaningful interviews!
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Leah is great at getting her guests to speak to the heart of things, whether it’s a playful anecdote about make out sessions or a meaningful look at body shame during sex. I truly appreciate how you are shedding light on topics I never would have considered! Thank you!
Leah is wonderful!
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I love Leah, she’s so great at asking thoughtful questions and creating a safe space. She has clearly done so much work on herself and invites others to do the same to cast of the shackles of shame we are taught to believe about sex.
RV Dreamer
Perfect combo of engaging and informative
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Leah is an expert at making this topic approachable and not intimidating. She puts her guests at ease and the listener at ease, keeps things accurate and inclusive, and welcomes all of us to grab a chair and listen. What happens over the span of an episode is we are reminded that we are more than our traumas, more than our lives in or outside of the bedroom, and we all have a ton in common - the same hopes and fears, even if we have different kinks! A wonderful way to learn more about fellow humans, our bodies, and ourselves.
Do not miss this show!
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Leah Carey is an amazing interviewer and this podcast has some super interesting women--talking about sex! Every woman should listen, and so should men who are truly interested in how women think, feel, and react. You will absolutely hear things that will validate you, enlighten you, surprise you, and make you laugh and nod your head! Don't wait...start listening now!
black star brasil
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I love and resonate with so many of these guests’ experiences. I’ve learned so much!
Excellent podcast
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All men can benefit from listening to this podcast, which enlightened me in so many ways about female sexuality. Leah is without peer as an interviewer, and her guests all have intriguing life stories to tell.
10% of donations
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I have learned so much on this podcast and it has really liberated me on so many things. However I was so sad to find out 10% of donations were going towards a pro-abortion organization. I believe that is an irresponsible way to handle an unplanned pregnancy because it ignores the right of the unborn fetus because they don’t have a voice to fight back.
Fresh, open and enlightening
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A most often marvellous podcast. Interesting guests that talk about sex in a sincere way. Dispelling myths, talking about personal experiences, giving useful tips. The host Leah Carey is curious to know more and non-condescending, giving the interviewee a great place to open up on the subject.

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My goal with the podcast is to reflect the racial and gender diversity of the United States as closely as possible. These numbers reflect the interviews I have conducted thus far (including interviews that have been recorded and are scheduled to air, but not including interviews that have been recorded and will not air.)

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Leah Carey

I work with people who are frustrated by the disconnect between cultural messaging about sex and their actual sexual desires and experiences. I help you identify and advocate for your true sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

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