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Open and honest, real and relatable


Leah is both friendly and professional in her interviews with a diversity of real women. I love hearing their stories and being able to relate to so many things they discuss. Thank you for opening up this conversation. Keep up the good work!

– CC5988 via Apple Podcasts – 07/01/2019

Apple Podcasts - 07/01/2019



I honestly love what you are doing! It is so important!! It’s very empowering for women to get to hear from other women about their sexual journeys! I’m addicted to the podcast!! I feel a kinship to each of the women who have been on the podcast!! Thank you Leah!! You’re such a great host!!

-loveyourself83 via Apple Podcasts -10/03/2019

This is everything I’ve been looking for


I have always been so open about sex. It’s so nice to listen to women openly talk about it instead of being ashamed or embarrassed! LOVE

-Care1691 via Apple Podcasts – 02/13/2019

I learn so much!


A friend hipped me to this podcast a couple months ago. I’ve binged every episode since then! As women, we don’t talk enough about sex or learn nearly enough about it from our perspective. Listening to these women’s stories has been so eye opening and enlightening for me! I learned I’m not alone on some things and I gained awareness on a lot of other things, and I’m grateful for that. Big fan of this show and concept!

-TriniSota Slim – Apple Podcasts – 12/05/2019

Thank you for opening the conversation


This podcast is so important and has given women a safe space to discuss sex in a manner that’s supportive and non-judgmental. It’s so incredible to hear women feel courageous enough to share their stories, and it’s because of Leah’s gentle and caring method of listening. To women who are looking to join in an important dialogue, this is a must listen!!

– Marathonmom25 via Apple Podcasts – 05/10/2019

Men We Could Learn From Listening To This Podcast


I have been listening to this podcast for a while now. I stumbled on it by accident looking for another podcast. Quite frankly, I have only had one woman that talked about sex as openly as these women talk to Leah. One thing this podcast has taught me is women over the course of time have been raised with different expectations than we men have. They have desires and needs just like we do. Listen to these women, perhaps you will find what you significant other is wanting or needing. Your relationship will be better for it.

-Photoman401 via Apple Podcasts – 12/21/2019