About Leah Carey

Founder, Podcast Host, and Sex & Intimacy Coach

Hi, I’m Leah Carey.

I work with people who were brought up to be “good girls” release old-fashioned beliefs about what is “normal”, so they can identify and advocate for their true sexual pleasure and satisfaction. 

This work was not an obvious life choice for me.
That’s me – age 17 and never been kissed; terrified to express interest in anyone, lest they make fun of me for thinking I was worthy of their attention
As a child I learned to be a VERY “good girl” to avoid my father’s ridicule and abusive behavior: bring home perfect grades; be intelligent but don’t speak my mind; always be polite and kind; take care of everyone else’s needs before my own. By the time I went to college, I was well-schooled in how to be a “good girl,” but had no idea how to choose an appropriate partner or build a loving, trusting relationship. I got involved in a series of emotionally abusive relationships, always convinced that I was the problem – not pretty enough, smart enough, or sexually skilled enough to attract anyone I would be interested in. I believed that I needed to take whatever I could get and be grateful for it – even if it made my insides crumble. Even worse: I wasn’t having pleasure during sex, so I was sure I was broken. At age 26, my father died, releasing me to begin healing myself as a person. But my sexuality was still a closed door. At age 42, my mom died, and for the first time the door opened: I was no longer held by strings of the family mythology of the “good girl,” and I could finally move beyond that identity. I went on an extended solo road trip around the United States that turned into a journey of sexual healing and evolution. It turned out that there were some basic concepts and skills that I had never learned while perfecting my “good girl” routine – and those skills and concepts make all the difference. I dove headfirst into classes on consent, boundaries, sexual communication, and more, while also pursuing opportunities for sexy experiences I had never allowed myself to have before.

I believe you are whole and complete exactly as you are.

I believe you are the perfect sexual partner for someone (or maybe multiple someones!) EXACTLY as you are.

I believe your body is going to drive someone (or maybe multiple someones!) to distraction EXACTLY as it is today.

Age 43 and finally admitting that I’m worthy of attention – in front of an audience of hundreds of people!
In the process I discovered that all of the old messaging was WRONG! I AM desirable. I AM worthy of love. I AM NOT BROKEN. And neither are you. The lies you’ve heard aren’t true!  YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE DESIRABLE, YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. Today, I work with women JUST LIKE YOU to reflect their true sexual nature back to them, without the judgment, shame, or fear that can get in the way of seeing it themselves. I will guide you in embracing the sexuality that is innately yours, no matter what it looks like. My clients have the opportunity to sink so deeply into their true sexuality that the version of themselves that was scared to speak up for their own needs feels like a mirage from another lifetime.

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