The ‘queer’ label feels good – Julia

Julia and her partner have an open relationship – but they haven’t taken advantage of it yet. This is an amazing conversation if you’re considering opening their relationship.

Voluptuous Leah

Voluptuous Leah is a plus-size model and Instagram influencer and we talk about sex in a plus-size body. We also talk about managing sex in the age of COVID-19.

We are brand-new baby swingers – Brianna (part 2)

Brianna and her husband recently began swinging. She talks about discovering their mutual interest in swinging, their early conversations, their first experiences, how swinging has affected the relationship, jealousy, and more.

I lied about orgasms every time – Brianna (part 1)

Brianna learned in the Baptist church that sex was sinful. She shares childhood sexual explorations with other girls, beginning her relationship with her husband, and their recent introduction into the world of swinging.

Vibrators changed my life – Jazz

Jazz uses the pronouns “they/them.” The major theme of this conversation is gender. Jazz talks about how genitals are not the be-all-end-all of gender.

Secrets are complicated – Sarah

Through her early 20s, Sarah dated much older men. She talks about the pressure and power differentials in those relationships. Today she has physical difficulties with sex and she talks about how she and her husband work around them.

I’m the funny one, not the pretty one – Erin

Erin is a queer woman who deals with OCD, has tattoos that help her love her body, and has always seen herself as the “funny one” not the “pretty one.” This is a really fun conversation that you don’t want to miss.

Sex is like Domino’s Pizza – Margot

Margot is in an open relationship with a man who lives in another country. This allows Margot to not only have companionship between their visits, she also can have sexual relations with women.