Anti-Racism and Inclusion

Black Lives Matter.
Indigenous Lives Matter.
Latinx Lives Matter.
Asian Lives Matter.
Trans Lives Matter.
Disabled Lives Matter.
Fat Lives Matter.
Neuro-divergent Lives Matter.

This list could go on…

Marginalized Lives Matter.

Do all lives matter? Yes, of course they do.  But that will only be a reality when ALL lives are treated with the same reverence that upwardly-mobile, well-educated, well-dressed, able-bodied, white, cisgender lives receive.

This is a foundational principle of Good Girls Talk About Sex and Leah Carey, LLC.  As a business entity and as a person, I stand with people of all races, all religions, all genders, and all abilities in upholding and advocating for their dignity and sovereignty.

I do this through my writing and thoughtful conversations.  I favor quiet conversations that help to call my fellow white, cisgender people into the fold, rather than loud bombastic statements or shaming ridicule because I don’t believe those help to change minds.

I choose to speak at conferences and panels where BIPOC speakers make up a significant percentage of the line up.

There are times when I make mistakes in regards to race, gender, and disability.  I commit to breathing through the discomfort, communicating respectfully, and continuing to engage.  I commit to not deleting or hiding interactions when I am called to account for my mistakes.

On my social media platforms and anywhere else that people engage with my work, I will not tolerate any conversation or action that denigrates another human based on their race, religion, gender, age, body size, physical or mental ability, or other factor.  The Good Girls Talk About Sex and Leah Carey, LLC, brands are committed to uplifting and respecting ALL humans.  In some cases, comments of this type may be highlighted as useful teaching moments.  In other cases, these words and actions may be grounds for deletion and/or removal from the community.

I will admit – I am late to the table in terms of anti-racism work.  I am learning.  I am growing.  I invite you to grow with me.

I am committed to continuing to learn through both personal and professional growth. I will update this document as I learn. The date of last update is July 26, 2020.


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