Be A Guest on Good Girls Talk

Thank you for your interest in being part of the podcast!  I welcome people of all shapes, colors, ages, identities, and personal stories (specifically all people who were brought up as little girls plus transgender women).  

With the recent update in the podcast format (August 2023), there are now multiple different opportunities for you to be part of the podcast. 

Please read these descriptions and apply for the episode type you’re interested in.

** PLEASE NOTE: Sex educators, authors, podcasters, and others seeking to promote your work on this podcast: please read this before submitting your application.  Thanks!


  • In exchange for sharing our time together on the podcast, you get a FREE coaching session with Leah!
  • 30 minute conversation
  • Your anonymity will be protected to whatever degree you are comfortable with

Pop Culture breakdown

  • Examining how sex and sexuality are depicted in TV, movies, books, music, and anything else that informs the culture
  • 45 minute interview


  • The original Good Girls Talk About Sex interview format
  • 90 minute interview

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