I am creating a community of sexually confident women, and you can be part of it!

Are you aching to explore new vistas of your sexuality, but not sure how to proceed? Afraid that your desires aren’t “Normal”? Afraid that you’ll have to blow up your existing relationship to have the kind of sex you want?

When you work with me, I promise to help you feel safe exploring new realms of your sexuality.
I promise that your sexuality is not shameful, and together we will help you to see yourself without judgment.

Our work together is entirely client-led – I’m not here to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong or feed you any answers.  Instead, I’m going to lead you in discovering what’s right FOR YOU and then help you explore it in a way that takes into account your individual emotional needs, your specific boundaries, and the pace that’s right for YOUR nervous system (going too fast can send you into shut down, while going too slow can be infuriating and exhausting! The goal is to find the right pace FOR YOU!)

My favorite clients are people who are motivated to explore new realms of their sexuality:

  • Learning how to talk about your sexual desires with current or future partners
  • Questioning if you might not be straight
  • Challenging body image insecurity in sexual relationships
  • Dipping your toes into BDSM
  • Exploring consensual non-monogamy
  • Exploring your sexuality for later-in-life virgins
  • Recovering from infidelity
  • And more!

  • you were socialized as a little girl (learn more here)
  • you are longing for more satisfaction in your current sex life;
  • you are seeking new adventures with your current partner;
  • you are single and yearning for confidence in attracting potential sex partners;
  • you are interested in taking small risks, knowing that I will be here to walk beside you;
  • you are self-motivated and excited to do the work!
  • you are in a long-term relationship that includes addiction, violence, anger issues, or other toxic behavior – those behaviors need to be dealt with before you address sex;
  • you are still in the depths of processing sexual and/or relationship trauma – my work is trauma-informed, but I am not a trauma specialist and cannot process you through the trauma itself
  • you are unable to engage in ANY type of sexual touch – I recommend that you seek out a sexological body worker or a somatic sex coach
  • you are seeking instruction on specific sexual activities – I’m happy to refer you to trusted colleagues who offer these services

We will remain clothed during our conversations and I will not participate in any sexy chat or activities with you.