Do I have a porn addiction?

Leah answers a listener’s questions about whether she has a porn addiction, and why she can’t orgasm with her husband.

Dealing with post-sex UTIs

Dr. Evelin Dacker returns to answer a listener’s question about common and chronic UTI’s that occur after sex. She breaks down the how and why, and addresses prevention and treatment.

What are your hard red lines?

Even people who are sexually adventurous have hard red lines. This week Leah digs into discerning what your absolute NOs are and how to share them with your partner(s).

Letting go of shame

A mom feels alone in the process of re-learning her body after baby. Leah explains why it’s more than okay to seek support, and how that can generate its own kind of healing.

Do you enjoy receiving oral sex?

Receiving oral sex isn’t just about a tongue on a clit – it’s about all the emotional and mental conversation happening at the same time.

Do you swallow?

Do you swallow? A chorus of women answer. Also: what happens when a man is taught that all women hate sex?

Do you enjoy giving blow jobs?

Do you enjoy giving blow jobs? A chorus of women answer. Also: is it possible for a relationship to work when one partner is polyamorous and the other is monogamous?