Sex with women is 10/10, highly recommend – Tori

Tori grew up in Purity Culture, which taught her what she didn’t want—a life with far more shame than sex, compounded by firmly fixed instructions around gender.

I want to be pushed against the wall – Ar Blia

Ar Blia has been untangling early experiences of trauma, limiting cultural beliefs, and confusing desires. Even within a conservative community, she has been able to find adventure, find herself, and find a partner who truly works for her.

Sex and Cerebral Palsy – Karin

Karin talks about living and loving with cerebral palsy. She is frank about planning, logistics, and how things like choice and vulnerability show up differently for her than for able-bodied people.

Sex and the 7th Day Adventist Church – Chandra

Chandra grew up in the 7th Day Adventist church, which she equates to a cult. She faults the church for neither acknowledging nor teaching that consent exists for women.

I was afraid he would kill me – Gina

Gina grew up as a hot babe, the kind we’d all be jealous of. It took a long journey of sexual acting out and questionable marriages for her to realize that she was both groomed to be this way, and it’s a trauma response to early assaults.

Not saying ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘yes’ – Danielle

Danielle is a therapist who admits to not always being as self-aware as she presents. Her earliest sexual experiences were non-consensual. She found healing within a happy marriage, then suffered a miscarriage with its own series of impacts.