Not saying ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘yes’ – Danielle

Danielle is a therapist who admits to not always being as self-aware as she presents. Her earliest sexual experiences were non-consensual. She found healing within a happy marriage, then suffered a miscarriage with its own series of impacts.

UNCUT – I haven’t told my husband my fetishes – Vin

Vin married young and enjoys a positive and openly communicative sexual relationship with her husband. She talks about their explorations in erotica, kink, anal play, toys, plugs, and taboo porn, all in a curvy body.

UNCUT – Gender is a non-issue for me – Donya

Donya started getting sexual attention very young because her body developed early. After having a child and settling into the closest thing to commitment outside of marriage, she received a breast cancer diagnosis.

Sex was a marital duty – Charlotte

Charlotte experienced sexual violation at the hands of the yoga guru she followed. Today, after fleeing that community with her husband and having two kids, she is divorced and exploring what comes next.