Sex was a marital duty – Charlotte

Charlotte experienced sexual violation at the hands of the yoga guru she followed. Today, after fleeing that community with her husband and having two kids, she is divorced and exploring what comes next.

Sex is great but so is sleep – Jordan

Jordan is a young mother of young children; she’s also a doula, and therefore all up in bodies and their business. She is passionate in her work and home about open and aware sexual dialogue, consent, communication, and support.

Unhappily married – Tee

Tee is unhappily married, and unhappy with her sex life—like so many people. Also like too many, she experiences the lingering impacts of sexual assault. She’s doing the work of setting boundaries, trying to provide a good example for her kids, and is still hoping someday she’ll find a communicative and loving partner.

Coaching Caitlin – I think I had a crush on a woman

Leah shares a coaching session with client Caitlin to give us an in-depth experience of what coaching looks and feels like. They focus on Caitlin’s newly-discovered attraction to women, and how she might begin to explore that in real life.

They can’t find the clit without a roadmap – Alexa

“Deaf U” star Alexa Paulay-Simmons gets candid about who she is (and always has been) as a sexual person, and how that’s shaped her life—both on the inside through her choices and experiences, and on the outside with the tight-knit Deaf community and the show’s global audience.