Making friends with sex in menopause – Sophia

Sex is complicated when you grow up Catholic and learn that kissing your best friend feels like heaven but will send you straight to hell. Sophia explored her feelings initially but then shut down once she got married. When the sheer physicality of menopause forced her to re-inhabit her body, she embraced a spiritual path towards sexual reawakening.

I loved the double-ended dildo – Stevie

Sex is hard enough to figure out without also having to wrangle with your gender. Stevie was raised as a little girl, but that never quite fit. They’ve covered a lot of ground to find clarity. They’re now happily married, while still exploring what they actually like in their body and who they want to be in their relationship.

A throbbing in my nether regions – Michelle

Michelle’s wife is the love of her life, but their physical relationship has always been difficult. Recently Michelle met a man who brought her sexual feelings roaring back to life.

Masturbation was more sinful than sex – Shelly

Shelly grew up in the Mormon church, got married and had seven children as she was expected to do. Several years ago she started questioning her faith and left the church, only to realize that she’s a lesbian.

Most people don’t assume I’m gay – Jenna

Jenna knew from an early age that she was attracted to women. The sex life she shares with her fiancee is helping Jenna to sort through and release some of the sexual trauma she experienced earlier in her life.