Is it too late to get what I want? – Jo

Jo chooses friends-with-benefits in her relationships because she doesn’t want “a man underfoot”. She also deals with the sexual after-effects of having numerous surgeries for birth defects.

People don’t f*ck me, I f*ck them – Shasta

Shasta has been with her husband for 20 years and we talk about the challenges of boredom after a long time together. She is Canadian First Nation/Cree and is working to heal childhood issues as an adult.

I saw myself through the male gaze – Diana

Diana had a traumatic birth with her older son, which led to a disconnection from her body and her pleasure. She was able to have a vaginal birth with her younger child, which helped reconnect her with her body and sexuality.

We have sex about once a month – Laina

Laina is the mother of a young child and she struggles with body image. She believes that nobody would want to have sex with her, and that her husband only does it because she’s his only option.

Bad self-esteem but a great body – Danielle

Danielle is the mother of three kids, the oldest of whom is now a teenager. Danielle’s sex life with her husband changed dramatically after kids, but not in the way you might expect.