In this episode of Good Girls Talk About Sex, we talked with Jessi Kneeland, a 31-year-old cis-gendered white woman who is bisexual, monogamous, and currently single.

Jessi is a coach, speaker, writer, and altogether kickass person who is passionate about helping women to understand their bodies and their sexuality. She is the coach who has stood with me through my sexual exploration and reclaiming my body. You can find her online at and on Instagram at @jessikneeland

Here are some of the amazing moments she shared with us:

  • 4:54 – The lesson Jessi learned at age 7 about what it meant to desire male attention
  • 7:18 – The lessons she learned about body image in her young life
  • 12:00 – How confusing it is for people who were assaulted as children and didn’t understand that it was assault at the time, and how important it is to give accurate language to those experiences
  • 14:30 – The ways Jessi went about healing from childhood assault
  • 16:45 – How detrimental it is to compare our trauma with other people’s trauma
  • 21:18 – Jessi’s transition from feeling sexy to feeling sexual pleasure
  • 23:40 – Practicing “vagina kung fu”
  • 24:55 – When Jessi learned that what she thought was “great sex” … wasn’t
  • 26:50 – The male body worker who helped Jessi recognize how her physical injuries were reflecting the emotional trauma she had been through
  • 28:24 – Jessi offers an easy anatomy lesson on the muscles of the vagina
  • 32:48 – The cultural narrative around women’s role in sex
  • 35:52 – Jessi’s recommendations for great reading
  • 37:30 – The Quick Five

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

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