We follow the oral sex question with a deep dive into swallowing ejaculate (or *not*.) We hear a wide variety of yes/no answers, but also yes/no conditions. Then Leah share her personal experience with blowjobs and the journey she took to make sure it was as good for her as it was for him.

How Healing Happens: Little boys get just as much bad messaging as little girls do. Learning how to openly and safely communicate with your sexual partner can re-educate and heal you both.

Bookmark moments:

  • 1:49 – A chorus of women answer the question “Do you swallow?”
  • 6:01 – Leah answers. She opens by sharing that in the pre-internet days, Cosmo was her primary source of information.
  • 7:52 – The “If you love him, you swallow” rule and its fallout.
  • 11:13 – Leah gives her first blowjob, and it’s disastrous for her afterwards.
  • 13:03 – A new approach learned at a STARS class blows her mind.
  • 16:25 – Leah and her partner try something new with blowjobs and it’s a win-win.
  • 19:05 – Leah shares a listener email that offers an unusual perspective—a man’s response to the podcast.
  • 24:47 – Podcast recommendation:

When Women Speak by Sara Sanderson – https://whenwomenspeak.buzzsprout.com/1104935

The Emma Case interview – https://whenwomenspeak.buzzsprout.com/1104935/4128944-am-i-welcome-here-why-we-must-do-more-than-simply-say-everyone-is-welcome

When Women Speak website – https://www.wwsgn.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/whenwomenspeakglobalnetwork/

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