Part 2 of our conversation with Brianna! Today she details her recent entrance into the swinger lifestyle with her husband.  She spares no details about how they discovered their mutual interest in swinging, their early conversations, and their first experiences.  She talks about the state of their relationship and how swinging has affected it, her feelings about monogamy, jealousy, and so much more.  If you’ve ever wondered about swinging – DON’T MISS THIS CONVERSATION! 

Brianna is a 30-year-old cis-gender female who describes herself as white, bisexual, married, monogamish, Baptist, and exploring swinging for the first time. She and her husband have two young children.

Major themes in this episode include exploring swinging.

Here are some of the notable moments she shared with us:

  • 4:00 – opening lines of communication with her husband, revealing fantasies
  • 5:25 – arriving at the Desire resort
  • 5:55 – body insecurity after childbearing
  • 7:00 – experiencing role reversal with wild husband being shy, her being wild when free of rules
  • 9:00 – meeting swingers and becoming open to the idea
  • 10:00 – going to their first swingers club at home
  • 11:00 – meeting the first couple they felt compatible with
  • 13:50 – starting a 4-way chat between the couples
  • 15:00 – a “soft swap” between the spouses for oral play
  • 16:30 – continued conversation about safety and consent
  • 19:40 – where they are in terms of doing a full swap
  • 24:20 – the lack of male/male interaction in swinging
  • 25:50 – the issues that have come up around trust and feeling like she’s not enough
  • 28:30 – her emotional processing after encounters
  • 30:55 – the moments that spark jealousy aren’t the sexual ones
  • 33:30 – discussing emotional monogamy
  • 38:30 – maintaining marital sex life after children
  • 39:20 – reconciling swinger sexual activity with church community/mindset

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