IMPORTANT: Silence emergency cell phones

Stay safe during the emergency alert test on Oct. 4, 2023. Learn how domestic violence victims can protect themselves effectively.
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IMPORTANT: Silence emergency cell phones
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This week’s episode is delayed due to another project I’m working on. But there’s some really important information in this quick feed drop, so please don’t skip it.

The emergency alert test will be happening in the United States on Wednesday, Oct. 4 at approximately 2:20 pm Eastern Time.


Article about how domestic violence victims can protect themselves during the emergency alert test:

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In this episode we talk about

  • This week’s episode is delayed
  • Download Leah’s free eBook: Forbidden Fantasies Unleashed
  • Safety measures for people who keep emergency cell phones hidden during next week’s national (United States) test of the emergency alert system

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LEAH: Hey friends!

So here’s the thing … this week’s episode is running fashionably late. As in, it won’t be out this week. Don’t worry, everything is absolutely fine; I’m healthy and doing well.


Here’s the scoop – I’ve been wrapped up in creating something really exciting over the past few weeks, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you – in fact, people on my email list got a sneak peek at a rough draft on Tuesday (hint hint, nudge nudge). But as life sometimes goes, juggling multiple projects can make things a bit… well, cattywampus, to put it mildly!


So rest assured, this isn’t a delay because of anything negative. It’s quite the opposite! The new project I’ve been working on is going to add an exciting dimension to Good Girls Talk About Sex, and I can’t wait to unveil it to you.


In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out my new free eBook yet, now is the time! It’s called Forbidden Fantasies Unleashed and it’s a conversation guide that will take you through the entire cycle of proposing, negotiating, and debriefing after a new sexual adventure. It’s been getting rave reviews from people who have used it.


Janine said, “I’ve been wanting to experiment with some light bondage, but I was scared to ask my husband – what if he thought I was a freak? Forbidden Fantasies Unleashed gave me the courage to say the words, and to not get freaked out when he didn’t give an immediate yes. It turns out he just needed some time to think to realize he was excited about it! We’ve used the guide to negotiate the logistics and to talk about our hopes and fears. The kids are staying at Grandma’s next weekend so we can finally try it out. We’re both nervous, but it’s an excited nervous. Thank you, Leah, for creating this incredible guide!”


Thank YOU, Janine, and I hope you have a fantastic time next weekend!


So if you’re ready to finally make one of your fantasies a reality, go to That link is in the episode description in the app you’re listening on now.


And now for just a minute, I wanna turn our attention to something a little more serious. Actually, really serious. You may have heard that next week on October 4th, there will be a test of the emergency alert system in the United States.


Now we hear those, on the radio periodically or once in a while on television. But this one is gonna go out through our cell phones.


It’s nothing to worry about. They’re just testing the system. However, there is one important population that really needs to think about this and prepare for it in advance. And those are people who have a hidden cell phone ror the sake of safety, primarily. This is gonna be people who live in some type of abusive situation, And they’ve got an emergency cell phone that they keep hidden, maybe under the mattress or maybe, you know, in a box in the back of the closet. And the person who they’re living with doesn’t know that it exists. It’s purely for an emergency situation. Those phones could be revealed on October 4th because every cell phone is going to blare this emergency tone. So if the abuser happens to be home, they’re gonna hear that there is another cell phone in that home that they didn’t know existed.


So if you happen to be listening to this and you are a person who has one of those cell phones, or if you know somebody who might have one of those cell phones, somebody who you think might be in a vulnerable position, please share this information with them.

You need to turn that cell phone off. Don’t silence it. Don’t put it in airplane mode. Don’t do any of it. Turn it off. I’m gonna put a link in the episode description to an article that talks about the safety measures. It says that in some phones, you might even need to take the battery out. I’m not familiar with cell phones that have removable batteries, so I don’t know anything about that. But if you think that you might have one of those, please check out this article and figure out what you need to do.


The most important thing Is to make sure that the most vulnerable among us are not in some way further endangered by this test that’s supposed to help keep us all safe. So, again, if you are a listener who has a hidden cell phone, please, next time the person who you’re hiding it from is out of the house, get your cell phone. Turn it off. Remove the battery if you need to. Maybe give it to a friend to hold on to for a few days. Whatever you need to do to make sure that that cell phone is not going to make noise next week on October 4th.


Now that there are more and more disasters happening around the world so frequently, there might be more occasions when these kinds of alarms go off. So it would be really good to go into your cell phone settings and turn off the Amber Alert and the emergency alert and any other alerts that your cell phone has.


Okay. So that’s enough serious talk for right now.


Mark your calendars for our next episode because we’ll be back on track, and I’ll actually be sharing a bunch more of my health journey with you. Because so much of it involves women’s anatomy and reproductive health, it’s been a fascinating ride, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you.


And hey, remember, if you have a burning question about your own sex life (I hope it’s not literally burning!) you can apply for a free coaching session with me at goodgirlstalk.comforward/guest. Or call and leave a message at 720-GOOD-SEX. I’m here to make sure we’re talking about the things that matter to you most.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. I’m sending you all lots of love, good vibes, and excited anticipation for the next big reveal.


So until next time, here’s to your better sex life!

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