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Season 2 of Good Girls Talk About Sex is almost here! It begins Thursday, May 30! Make sure you’ve subscribed in your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss a single episode.  Here’s to your better sex life!

Good Girls Talk About Sex
Good Girls Talk About Sex
Season 2 Trailer
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LEAH: Hi, I’m Leah Carey and it’s almost time for Season 2 of Good Girls Talk About Sex! The first season was even better than I could have imagined, amazing conversations with the guests and phenomenal feedback from you, the listeners.

I remember the very first message I got from a listener. She said after a lifetime of being ashamed of having sex during her period, she decided to try it and discovered it didn’t gross her out at all. There have been multiple who said listening to these stories is helping them to heal their own histories of sexual trauma. And then, there are the male listeners who have written to tell me that they’re learning things about women that have been mysteries their whole lives.

As time went on, I also heard from listeners with requests for specific kinds of interviews that mirror their own lives. So, this season, you’ll hear more conversations with moms talking about how having kids has changed their relationship with their body and their sexuality. And one listener mentioned to me that she felt like many of the women in the first season had their sex lives figured out and she’d like to hear more women like her, who are still right in the middle of the mess.

To address the first part, let me guarantee you that while the women in the first season might have put a pretty face on it, none of them have their relationship with sexuality fully figured out and neither do I, not by a longshot. But it’s a valid point and I really want you to hear stories that resonate with you. So, I’ve pursued guests this season who are more in the middle of the mess and I’ve asked them to dive more fully into that mess.

Some of the stories you’ll hear this season include a first time mother in her late 40s with two children under three figuring out how sex fits into this new life, a woman who grew up in Mormonism and has 7 children before leaving the religion and realizing she’s actually a lesbian, multiple stories of women growing up in countries other than the United States and the messages they heard about sexuality, how depression impacts one woman’s relationship and sex life, a transwoman navigating sex in her changing body, one woman sex’s life living with chronic illness, and we have three, yes three, conversations with women exploring BDSM. I did not set out to do a bunch of BDSM interviews, but they kept showing up even when I didn’t expect them.

I’m so excited to share these stories and many more with you and I don’t want you to miss a single moment, so if you haven’t already, find Good Girls Talk About Sex on your favorite podcast platform like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and subscribe now. Subscribing is free and you’ll receive the episodes directly to your phone or other device as soon as they’re released each week. I’ve also adjusted the Patreon offerings for Season 2 so they’re easier for you to interact with. I’ll tell you more about that

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And as I record this, women’s reproductive rights are under full assault by legislative bodies around the United States. So during Season 2, 10% of all Patreon donations I receive will go to ARC-Southeast, an organization that provides financial and logistical support to people who need to access reproductive health services in U.S. states where they are being legislated out of existence. So, everything gets started on May 30, so don’t forget to subscribe right now! Until then, here’s to your better sex life!

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