At the beginning of October I stood onstage at the Old Church Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon, to tell a story of accepting myself as a sexual being (with thanks to Lynne Duddy and Lawrence Howard of Portland Story Theater.)

The video was just released, so as I work to make some changes on this blog (more below), today I invite you to share in the joy of live storytelling.

So here’s the sad thing about writing about sexuality in today’s world: it doesn’t just bring out the trolls, it brings out the censors.  In just eight weeks of posting on this blog, I’ve had Facebook block or remove my links at least half a dozen times that I know of.

And I’m not writing anything salacious or even particularly graphic.  I’m talking about how to embrace healthy, informed, consensual sexuality – presumably something we’d all want for ourselves and our kids.

At first I thought perhaps I was being alarmist (although never once in four years did Facebook block a link when I wrote The Miracle Journal). So I’ve checked in with other sex educators and heard the same stories over and over – Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites blocking posts and deactivating entire accounts of sex educators without warning.

There are a few immediate changes I can make before taking this blog to a wider audience.  The biggest and most immediate is removing the word “sex” from my site title and social media accounts.  I’ll be operating on Facebook and Instagram accounts under the name @GoodGirlsTalk.

When I launch the full podcast (beginning of 2019), it will retain the name Good Girls Talk About Sex.

Thanks for sticking with me through the growing pains!  I’ll be back next Tuesday, hopefully in the home that will serve the “Good Girls” community for years to come.