Note to anyone looking for a promotional interview

I get it!  We’re all looking for ways to expand our reach and grow our audience.  Here’s what I want you to know before you submit yourself to be a guest on Good Girls Talk About Sex:

I am no longer interviewing other sex and relationship professionals/educators except in very specific instances. I know that you have LOTS to offer, but because you are used to talking about sex, the conversations rarely have the same raw and revelatory feel that they do with people who rarely talk about sex.

Everyone else – I’m happy to consider you as a guest on the show!

However, please understand that this will not be a traditional promotional interview – I will mention your work (website, book title, etc.) once but it will probably NOT come up again in our conversation.  If your answers repeatedly revolve around the things in your book / the classes you teach / the podcast you host, I will end the interview.

I’ll be asking you intimate details of your personal sexual history and you’ll need to be comfortable adhering to the structure and revelatory nature of this podcast.

Think of it as having a 2 a.m. conversation with your best friend over a bottle of wine – you’d leave your inhibitions, dig into the good stuff, and you wouldn’t dream of trying to sell her your book!  That’s the atmosphere I’m creating for my audience.  Imagine how close they’ll feel to you when they hear you talk about your most personal experiences!

If you’re comfortable with that, I’d love to hear from you.  If that makes your insides squirm in an unpleasant way, we’re probably not a good fit for each other.

Finally, I only consider submissions directly from you. Submissions from agents, publicists, managers, etc., will not be reviewed.

Thanks for understanding!


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