I had to get drunk to have sex – Tenisha

Tenisha chose intentional celibacy at age 23. We talk about her early conversations in internet chat rooms, needing alcohol in order to have sex, and the relationship she’s in now.

Vibrators changed my life – Jazz

Jazz uses the pronouns “they/them.” The major theme of this conversation is gender. Jazz talks about how genitals are not the be-all-end-all of gender.

A throbbing in my nether regions – Michelle

Michelle’s wife is the love of her life, but their physical relationship has always been difficult. Recently Michelle met a man who brought her sexual feelings roaring back to life.

Sex is like Domino’s Pizza – Margot

Margot is in an open relationship with a man who lives in another country. This allows Margot to not only have companionship between their visits, she also can have sexual relations with women.

I made out with a cousin in the closet – Stacey

Stacey grew up in a childhood home that lacked affection, something that continues to present challenges in her adult relationships. She opens up about being a single mom and choosing ethical non-monogamy after her divorce.